The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) has the responsibility for getting the plan through all of the required steps to ensure that the end result reflects the views of the entire community.

The NPSG operates according to its Terms of Reference which may be read here.

The Terms of Reference states:

  • The NPSG shall be formed from current town councillors and local members of the community and shall include not fewer than six and up to 12 members (no more than six to be Town Councillors in any capacity), to be ratified by the Hayle Town Council.
  • The six non-Councillor places will be advertised as part of the process.
  • The Town Clerk, or a representative from the Town Council office, can be present in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity at all meetings.
  • The NPSG may co-opt additional support to carry out specific tasks for as short or long a period as necessary.

This is such an important and exciting opportunity for the town that anyone with an interest will be welcome to attend meetings and to contribute.

All are welcome – please join in.

Steering Group Members

The membership of the Steering Group is:

John Bennett, Chair. Resident and former town councillor. Appointed by the town council.

Town Council Members (maximum 6):

    1. Graham Coad. Mayor, Hayle Town Council
    2. Bernie Wills. Hayle Town Council
    3. Brian Capper, Deputy Chair. Hayle Town Council
    4. Nick Farrar. Mayor, Hayle Town Council
    5. Anne-Marie Rance, Hayle Town Council

Community Members (maximum 6):

    1. David Raymer. Rotary Club, Day Care Centre & Bodriggy Surgery
    2. Valerie Reardon. Resident. Environment and Green Energy Lead.
    3. Chris Roantree. Resident
    4. Paul Pellegrinetti, Resident
    5. Jayne Ninnes. Resident

Supporting Members:

    1. Vanessa Luckwell, Community Link Officer, Cornwall Council

Agendas, Minutes and Documents


20160105 NPSG Meeting Notes

Brief notes on the meeting on Education with Paul Renowden of Cornwall Council.


20141216 Consultation



Hayle NP Draft Project Plan Proposal 4mar14

Hayle NP refined objectives-5dec14


20141125 Hayle NP Aims and Objectives – Draft 3

Chamber of Commerce Neighbourhood Plan

Linden Homes Design and Access Statement 1

Linden Homes Design and Access Statement 2

Linden Homes Design and Access Statement 3


20141108 Hayle NP Aims and Objectives – Draft 1

20141004 Hayle NP generating objectives2

Affordable-housing-SPD-consultation-draft-final (1)



Council sets out its mission goals _ The Cornishman

Designed-Green-Infrastructure-Strat20141108 Hayle NP Aims and Objectives – Draft 1

Hayle Affordable Housing Demand



TN13 – Hayle and St. Ives Town Model (Issue 8)

2000R057 Hayle Historical Assessment

Building for Life 12_0

Building for Life 12_0-assessment-exercise



20140924 NPSG Agenda

20140924 Attendees and Notes

20140924 Hayle NP generating objectives (3)

20140911 NPSG Agenda

20140911 Hayle NP Objectives Work Sheet

20140911 Attendees and Notes

20140716 Meeting Vision Objectives-2 Agenda

21040706 Survey Monkey Data-anon

Hayle V&C Contact Record Sheet-jb

20140709 Meeting Vision Objectives Agenda

20140625 NPSG Agenda

20140625 Sign In Sheet

20140618 NPSG Agenda

20140618 Sign In Sheet

20140611 NP Meeting Minutes

20140611 Attendance Sheet

20140507 NPSG Meeting Agenda

20140507 NPSG Meeting Minutes


This is the presentation given on 28 May 2014 to organisations interested in joining the Steering Group.

20140528 NP Presentation-2

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